Why Detox?

Sick and tired of feeling 'sick and tired'?

You are not alone! In the last 10 years there has been an explosion in people feeling unwell and completely exhausted which has led to the health service being completely overwhelmed. The classic answer by the 'experts' (which is repeated in the press) is that it's just your genetics or your age. Chronic conditions such as arthtris and 'Type 2' diabetes are things that we cannot change. We will just have to keep taking the drugs.

We disagree.

That is why we have created this 4 day retreat. To teach you quick and easy recipe and lifestyle tips that will help you massively improve your health and energy levels whilst easily losing weight. Best of all, you will still be eating huge amouts of satiating food. No more hunger!

If you don't believe that diet and lifestyle changes can heal chronic conditions  - then watch the video below by Dr Chatterjee (BBC's Doctor in The House).

Can’t wait to get started? Neither can we!