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Do you suffer from one of the following?



One of the main issues of our modern lifestyle is the high stress that can affect our mental and immune system health.



Sick an tired of feeling sick and tired? Chronic fatigue is rife these days. Do you feel shattered or lack motivation?


Foggy Head

Struggling to think clearly? Find it difficult to concentrate or remember what you did yesterday? You are not alone.


Aches & Pains

Wake up in the morning stiff and full of aches. Does it take you half an hour to shake that pain off?


Premature Aging

Have you have aged a lot quicker than you would like? Is your hair thinning, and wrinkles showing more than ever?


Weight Issues

Are you looking to lose or even gain weight? Do you feel that trying to find that perfect weight is a constant battle?

If so, join us on our 4 day detox retreat…

Luxury Accommodation

We have been rated by the ‘AA’ as 5 Star (Gold Standard), and are equipped with the most comfortable beds and the latest gadgets.

Food & Lifestyle Advice

Leave the retreat having learned easy and highly nutritional meal plans and smoothies to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Organic Food and Raw Juices

Rejuvenate your body and mind with a host of amazing meals filled with nutritious and delicious ingredients. You will not be hungry!


Enjoy two daily hour long yoga sessions with our in-house Yoga Teacher. Start and end the day with a lovely stretching and relaxation session.


Optional treatments inlcude Massage Therapy, Infrared Therapy, Inversion Therapy, Cryotherapy, Reflexology & Reiki Healing.

Gratitude Journaling

Learn the latest techniques to manifest abundance in all areas of your life as well create an incredibly motivating vision of your future.

Digital Detox

Unplug yourself for 4 days. While there will be opportunities to reply to urgent emails and calls, the plan is recharge you and not your phone.

Expert Talks & Movies

Every day there will be at least one talk or a movie about health and wellbeing to help you on your future journey to wellness.

Guided Hypnotherapy

Enjoy daily guided meditations to inspirational music from an NLP master practitioner to help you realise your goals and dreams.

Nutritional Advice

Fats or Sugars? Carbs or Protein? Our in-house nutirtionist will guide you through the role of your microbiome in regulating your health.

Spirit Walks

Nature walks include a trip to Stonehenge and walks in the forest nearby. Connect with your spirit and soul on a deeper level.

Art Therapy

Unleash your creative genius with our art sessions, by renowned award winning artist, Hazel Morgan.

Why Detox?

Sick and tired of feeling ‘sick and tired’?

You are not alone! In the last 10 years there has been an explosion in people feeling unwell and completely exhausted which has led to the health service being completely overwhelmed. The classic answer by the ‘experts’ (which is repeated in the press) is that it’s just your genetics or your age. Chronic conditions such as arthtris and ‘Type 2’ diabetes are things that we cannot change. We will just have to keep taking the drugs.

We disagree.

That is why we have created this 4 day retreat. To teach you quick and easy recipe and lifestyle tips that will help you massively improve your health and energy levels whilst easily losing weight. Best of all, you will still be eating huge amouts of satiating food. No more hunger!

If you don’t believe that diet and lifestyle changes can heal chronic conditions  – then watch the video below by Dr Chatterjee (BBC’s Doctor in The House).

The Team

Stephen Conway

Stephen Conway

Facilitator & NLP Master Practitioner

Hazel Morgan

Hazel Morgan

Facilitator & Artist

Angela Beecroft BSc(Hons), RN.

Angela Beecroft BSc(Hons), RN.

Nutritionist (Dip HV, Dip ION, AFMCP, mBANT.)

Anouchka Towner-Coston

Anouchka Towner-Coston

Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapy

Geeta Tailor

Geeta Tailor

Live Blood Analysis

Amie Richardson

Amie Richardson

Nutritionist, Food & Allergy Testing

James Tilley

James Tilley

AMN Therapist & Personal Trainer

Josie Brocksom

Josie Brocksom

Solution Based Hypnotherapy

Martin Punter

Martin Punter

Journaling Expert

Elspeth Humm

Elspeth Humm

Raw Food & Vegan Chef

Helen Parker

Helen Parker

Reservations Manager

Sonia Batey

Sonia Batey

Operations Manager


October 2017 – 22nd – 26th October

November 2017 -26th – 30th November

December 2017 – 15th – 19th December

January 2018 – 7th – 11th January

January 2018 – 21st – 25th January

February 2018 – 11th – 15th February

Location (10 minutes from Stonehenge)

Stonehenge Cottages
Lower Woodford

01722 632555